Codename HySyM is being made to be the meanest sounding subtractive workhorse synthesizer featuring aggressive analog-imitative filters from the Filters of Mass Destruction series, snappy envelopes, screaming hypersaws, and cinematic supersaws. Right now it is being developed in UI-less prototype pieces which are available below. Visit the KVR thread here for more info.
IMPORTANT: Plugins are in beta and may crash. Save often. Lastly, FMD Series is the only Mac-compatible plugin at the moment.
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A phase-modulated oscillator ensemble that is capable of creating anything from 80's string pads to screaming hypersaws.
A frequency-modulated oscillator ensemble where each oscillator is treated like a violin player, each with their own timings, pitches, and vibratos, capable of creating a huge cinematic sound.
A synthesizer with a soft-clipping-based oscillator which has a pleasing warm tone that can be morphed from buzzy to soft similar in sound to an additive synth.
A synthesizer with a flexible envelope that allows for extreme snappiness with super long decays.





An easy-to-use additive synth with a focus on aggressive basses, screaming leads, and epic percussion.
Filters of Mass Destruction, the filters that put Soundemote on the map. Extremely aggressive, warm, analog, and versatile.
Sabrina Reverb, a reverb algorithm by Walter Hackett, lush, warm huge tails, and capable of delay effects.
The chaotic algorithm that started it all and lead to the discovery of FMDs.