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What's  Soundemote?

Soundemote is not just another audio plugin company. We will not be releasing “the next best emulation of a 1960s synthesizer.” Soundemote was established to be a conduit of discoveries and modern ideas that were realized through experimentation with digital and analog synthesizers.

Soundemote began unofficially at the beginning of 2010 as an audio processing house, hand-cutting and batch processing samples for sample library companies. Soundemote has worked closely with Orange Tree Samples, Embertone, Cinesamples, Impact Sound Works, Versilian Studios, and more. Soundemote also released a few sample library products, Tiny Box, Grand Kalimba, and Junebug Kit.

In 2017 PrettyScope became our first audio plugin product, making Soundemote no longer just an audio processing house. PrettyScope is just one of many products we plan on releasing. Besides music visualizers, we are also working on synthesizers, audio fx, and midi plugins. Follow us via our social networks to keep up to date with our innovative releases.
Elan Hickler
Captain / Programmer
Alejandro Hernandez
Air Traffic Control / Operations Manager
- Mission -
To create digital instruments and effects that are as useful as they are fun to use.