Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from other pilots that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.


I just bought a plugin, where are my downloads?
Thank you for buying Soundemote plugins!
A download page with your order should show up as soon as you finish the checkout process. If for any reason you missed this page, you can also download it from the Plugins page. And click on the download icon "" of the plugin you ordered.
How do I install your plugins?
Simply download the plugin and run the installer that fits your operative system. Make sure you meet all of the requirements found in the plugin page before you download!
I cannot find your plugins in my DAW.
Make sure your DAW supports the requirements in the plugin page. If it does and it still does not show up, please contact us! We will help you right away.
Where are the presets?
Our installers will put all presets in the following location:

- WINDOWS: c:\program files\soundemote\torus generator\presets
- MAC:  library/audio/presets/soundemote/torus generator
What are the limitations of demo mode?
Our plugins offer a limitless demo mode that lasts about 20 minutes before it mutes itself. You can simply reload the plugin and continue using it -or you can purchase it! : - )

Keys / Licensing

I just bought a product, where are my key files?
Your key files should be sent to your email right after your purchase. Give it some minutes but if you never get the keys (sometimes our servers feel sleepy) please contact us! We will handcraft some keys for you right away.
Where should I place my key files?
As soon as you open one of our plugins, it will give you instructions on how to activate it and where to place your keys for your current system.
Can I use my key files on other devices?
Yes! As long as you are the one using it it should be all fine! You can use it at whatever many places you want.
Are all updates free?
All minor updates are always free. Minor updates typically include  small features, bug fixes.
However, major updates may or may not be free and we may offer an upgrade path in case you own a previous version. We will make sure to let you know!
Product still says demo mode after I placed the keys in the right location.
This should not happen! That means the key sent to you somehow got messed up on its way to you. Please contact us  to send you a new key!
Can I use your plugins for commercial purposes?
Yes. Use it whatever! : - )


How do I screen record PrettyScope visuals?
We usually use a free screen capture software called OBS.
Do you offer student discounts?
Sure! Email us about it and we will give you a special price.