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Flower Child Filter is the first in an upcoming series of boutique analog-style filters (See FMD). Flower Child is aptly named for its goal to have a clean and resonant sound. There is also a switch for an aggressive growling version that is sure to cater to your more destructive side.

Oscilloscope View
Clean and Aggressive Filters
Chaos Knob
Envelope Followers
updated on
January 7, 2019


Flower Child Filter is a lab experiment focusing in our future series of boutique analog-style filters F.M.D release. The goal is to have many unique filters with recognizable quirks that you can select from a simple dropdown list.
Flower Child presents two of the many filters we are planning on including on the final F.M.D release along with some experimental parameters that are very fun to use. Try it on drums, bass, buses, whatever! It will change your sound significantly with just a few tweaks.
The audio plugin also features two envelope followers to open and close the filter. And by turning the output to 0, the amplitude envelope will open and close the output volume fully, so that the filter is still musically useful when self-oscillating.



Select between Clean and Aggressive analog style filter options.


Responsive Waveform / Oscilloscope view. Changes color with each filter.


Use the Frequency and Amplitude envelope follower to open and close the filter.

more features

Warm Tube Distortion

Get warm tube-like distortion by using "Clean" and setting Resonance to near 0.

Stereo / Mono Switch

Set plugin to operate in stereo or mono to save CPU.

Resizable GUI

Drag the bottom-right corner to increase or decrease plugin size.

Chaos Knob

Use the Chaos knob to add internal instability.

Up to 8x Oversampling

Increase CPU for better production of higher frequencies.

Dry/Wet Knob

Blend how much of the original signal is affected by the plugin.

"Flower Child Filter is a free plugin I am releasing to introduce the concept of botique analog-style filters.

Each filter is hand-crafted to be something special, with personality and quirks. For example, the clean version of Flower Child creates a warm tube-like distortion on the input signal when resonance nearly 0.

The nature of these filters and the design process means that you will usually not get a perfectly unaltered sound when the filter is fully open. By using this filter, expect the sound to be altered in some way with all settings."

- Elan Hickler

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What is Soundemote Labs?

Soundemote Labs is a place where you can find experimental components that will eventually be a part of larger products. This will help us study different components and see how they work. Based on your feedback and our ongoing experimentation we will be able to develop and polish the idea further.

Is it Free?

Yes! All of our Soundemote Lab experiments are free to use. However if you feel like donating you can name your price at checkout or donate directly through the button below. This would be greatly appreciated and would help us grow!




  • 64-bit: Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista
  • 32-bit: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • VST host
  • OS X 10.7 or higher
  • VST host
  • AU host
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the press kit containing information along with high-quality images and logos of the plugin and Soundemote.



Questions? Thoughts? Let us know what you think of the plugin.
Your feedback and ideas will help us immensely improve our future releases!


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Flower Child Filter


Flower Child Filter


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