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The Sound Visualizer for Art and Education

PrettyScope captures the beauty of analog oscilloscopes and offers a wide range of aesthetic options. While fundamentally designed as a waveform studying tool, it has evolved into a powerful sound and music visualizer.

HQ 32-bit Colors
Low CPU Usage
Fully Automatable
1-D Mode
updated on
October 1, 2017


Flower Child presents two of the many filters we are planning on including on the final F.M.D release along with some experimental parameters that are very fun to use. Try it on drums, bass, buses, whatever! It will change your soundsignificantly with just a few tweaks.
The audio plugin also features two envelope followers to open and close the filter. And by turning the output to 0, the amplitude envelope will open and close the output volume fully, so that the filter is still musically useful when self-oscillating.


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about labs

What is Soundemote Labs?

Soundemote Labs is a place where you can find experimental components that will eventually be a part of larger products. This will help us study different components and see how they work. Based on your feedback and our ongoing experimentation we will be able to develop and polish the idea further.

Is it Free?

Yes! All of our Soundemote Lab experiments are free to use. However if you feel like donating you can name your price at checkout or donate directly through the button below. This would be greatly appreciated and would help us grow!




Questions? Thoughts? Let us know what you think of the plugin.
Your feedback and ideas will help us immensely improve our future releases!


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Rhythm and Pitch Generator

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Flower Child Filter


Flower Child Filter


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