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We fixed several bugs that caused the plugins to crash when using the preset system. Let us know if you find any other errors! We will work hard on fixing it right away.

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Oscilloscope Music Synths v1.4

[Update] Oscilloscope Music Synths v1.4

A new update is here, Pilots!

In our latest update where we implemented all of the Radar Generator features to all other synths we noticed that the preset system stopped working on most of them. If you had problems trying to load presets such as taking you to the wrong folder and crashing as soon as you open them, this update should fix all of that!


  • Factory Presets edited for correct tempo.
  • Presets are automatically located.
  • Fixed crash loading certain presets,

In other news,

We are still working very hard on huge redesign of all synths. Here's a little preview of our progress so far: