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AU is now working and numerous new features were added such as modulation sources and more presets!

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Rhythm and Pitch Generator v1.1

[Update] Rhythm and Pitch Generator v1.1

A new update arrived, Pilots!

Shortly after release we received a bunch of request for an AU version and we finally got it working! On top of that, we added a bunch of new presets that will help you explore the new features added. Now with modulation sources being added, it opens a whole world of sounds! Try modulating anything to anything and get some chaotic beeps.

We also made a video demo of our favorite presets from RaPG. Enjoy!



  • Audio Units version is working
  • Modulation features: Consider these to be feedback sources as modulation will create internal chaos.
  • Modulation sources added: oscillator (source, filtered, filterd/amplified, final out)
  • Modulation sources added: envelope source
  • Modulation sources added: pitch random source, rhythm random source, rhythm pulse amplitude
  • Right-click on a control to open modulation setup to then add modulation to parameters.
  • When a modulation is connected to a control, a red box will be drawn
  • New control: Volume (master output volume)
  • New presets based on modulation sources denoted with (FB) a.k.a. feedback patch such as "morse code" and "sounds of the sea squirrel"


  • Some help text improvements
  • Knob arcs now render correctly (there was a large visual jump between 0 and .000001)
  • Renamed presets for better sorting