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are saying...

"Amazing work I must say, the Nyquist, Torus, Spiral generators along with having the PrettyScope to view and even effect what I'm hearing and seeing are all great fun and awesomely technical as well as beautiful sounding and looking!"

- Pilot Max

"Very unique and innovative plugins."

- Pilot Marc

"Just dropping a quick line to say I LOVE Spiral Generator!
Been putting together some sounds and music for the OSC at KVR, and Spiral Generator is a really unique and fun synth!

What a refreshing change from all of the "me too" analog synth reproductions out there.  Keep up the great work!"

- Pilot Chris

"I love being a pilot!"

- Pilot Brin

"Brilliant work, and a very underrated developer! I wish you huge success with this company - stay awesome :)

Spiral is an absolute gem. It has been years since I have sat with a new synth and played around with it for hours. The audio-rate LFOs really open up the possibilities."

- Pilot Amberoot

"Anyone who's interested in making Oscilloscope music should definitely check out the demo of Mushroom Gen. Modulation is nearly limitless, and sonic possibilities are amazing!"

- Pilot Chris

"You are clearly an unique and talented developer that produces what more adventurous musicians and creators have been craving for since the beginning of  computer-based music.

I have a lot of fun using your stuff and can't wait to see what else you have in store!"

- Pilot Vas